Piles Symptoms


Piles, is yet another name for those inflamed blood vessels which thrust outward from the rectum, commonly known also as hemorrhoids. They can be a real pain in the you know what.

Piles symptoms can easily consist of burning, itching, pain and occasional bleeding. There are two types of piles, internal and external. Typically the internal piles tend to be the ones that cause bleeding and the external piles tend to be the ones that generally cause all of the pain.

Piles symptoms can be much like various other conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, anal fissures or colon polyps. It’s not at all uncommon for individuals suffering from piles to also encounter anal fissures. Change in ones bowel movements, severe rectal pain and bleeding could possibly be indicators of a more serious problem, such as rectal or colon cancer. It’s advisable not to assume these are piles symptoms but to seek the advice of your physician

With that said, simply because one has piles symptoms, does not necessarily mean they will be heading to surgery. The severity of the piles will determine the course of action. Generally if one takes a natural piles/hemorrhoid cure it will alleviate the symptoms and one can return to their normal routine devoid of the pain and discomfort that piles bring.

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Causes of Piles

Piles develop due to an increase in pressure on the blood vessels that encompass the rectal area. Blood builds up in these blood vessels and brings about swelling. This swelling leads to them pressing through the surrounding tissue, causing piles which of coarse result in all those undesirable piles symptoms.

Piles symptoms are also brought about when one strains to hard to have a bowel movement, attempting to rush through the process. Constipation and its opposite, diarrhea, can also bring about piles symptoms.

Obesity, a massive problem for a great majority of individuals, is a huge factor towards one developing piles symptoms, especially if the extra pounds are carried around the midsection. Getting the weight off ought to be the goal for everyone. Not only can one experience piles symptoms due to the excess weight but other more serious conditions can also develop. If losing weight is something you want more information on check out soupcabbagediet.com.

Pregnancy and piles can go hand in hand. Women who are pregnant commonly develop piles symptoms. However, these usually diminish or leave all together once the baby is born. It is important to remember that while pregnant, a natural pile/hemorrhoid cure should be the only consideration.

There are health conditions that lead to piles symptoms, some of which include liver and heart disease. They can cause pooling of blood in the pelvic region which in turn may lead to the blood vessels swelling and protruding.

Lastly, piles symptoms can be the result of a poor unbalanced diet regime. Fiber intake is crucial to maintain soft stools so that they can pass effortlessly through the intestinal tract assisting you in avoiding those unwanted piles symptoms. Eating 5-13 servings of fruit and vegetables is recommended.

If the pain from your piles/hemorrhoids continues or becomes severe, seek medical attention to be safe.