Reoccuring Yeast Infections


Reoccuring yeast infections are yeast infections that occur over and over again and many doctors treat it with repeated cream applications each time you go in for a visit.

This however can be a problem for those who have numerous reoccuring yeast infections. It is feasible for your body to build up immunity towards the medicated creams. Thinking you are treating a yeast infection when you are not, could potentially cause more of a problem. If you have more than 4 yeast infections in a year, you have reoccuring yeast infections.

All women have some yeast within their bodies and provided that it is kept under control by the beneficial bacteria, there is really not a problem. In some women however, the yeast multiplies swiftly and brings about the reoccuring yeast infections.

One thing to keep in mind is that not every discharge, itch or painful sex experience means you have a yeast infection. It is always best to get it checked out by a physician.

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Some causes of reoccuring yeast infections:

•           yeast infections can be caused by not eating right. Excessive quantities of sugar in your diet can result in yeast infections. The sugar actually serves as food to the yeast. Diabetics are at a higher risk for yeast infections.

•           women with poor immune systems tend to have more reoccuring yeast infections.

•           pregnancy, hormone levels, and poor sleep habits can all play a role in how often you get a yeast infection.

•           menstrual cycle -many women get reoccuring yeast infections each month. Usually this happens at the start of ovulation and lasts until menstruation. The yeast infection then goes away merely to come back again the next time she ovulates.

•           birth control pills are another culprit. Many women report a decrease in yeast infections once they discontinue taking the pill.

•           not drying well after a shower or being in a pool can lead to reoccuring yeast infections. This allows moisture to be trapped around the vagina. It is recommended to use a hairdryer to dry off and wear cotton underwear.

•           prescription medications can lead to yeast infections. For example, taking the acne medication doxycycline or tetracycline can increase your chances of a reoccuring yeast infection.

Yeast feeds on the imbalance of sugar and hormones in you body. It is beneficial to have your hormone levels checked if you are having reoccuring yeast infections. There is some debate as to which hormones the yeast feeds on: progesterone, estrogen or estradiol. One study found that progesterone had no effect on Candida in mice but estrogen caused the Candida to grow.

Eating broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and brussel sprouts have been shown to change the way the estrogen is metabolized and therefore may help reduce the incidences of a yeast infection.

Since estrogen produces glycogen levels in the vagina, it is important to get your hormone levels under control so you can deprive the yeast of its main food, glycogen.

Reoccuring yeast infections should not be left untreated simply because they can lead to other issues like chronic urinary tract infections.

The thing to remember is that you are not alone. Three out of four individuals will have a yeast infection at some point during their live and nearly half will have reoccuring yeast infections.

It is important to get the proper diagnosis and chose a treatment that will eliminate the yeast infection and not just relieve the symptoms.